Trying out latest crypto products

I’ve had some time to check famous crypto offerings I have been ignoring for some time. First one is, where you can get 2% card cashback on most payments and second is blockfi, where you can earn 5-8% interest on cryptocurrency. Both of these look amazing, as 8% interest in general is something, when used wisely, can within a decade make you financially independent. I’ll write a bit more about both platforms here, so read on!

2% cashback on card payments

I’ve had account for a few years already, at least I thought so, as I found their app on an old mobile phone and some emails from them in 2018. I hoped I would have some crypto from that time, but nope, only empty account that needed verification was waiting for me. So why am I creating account?

I’ve read there are more and more websites offering cashback on visa card payments. I find it super useful, as recently you can pay everywhere with a card, so I hope 20-50% of our daily expenses can be paid by card -> you get some % back as cashback. offers these 5 cards:

Where your cost is CRO stake. It’s crypto currency on and 2500 CRO equals to 135 eur (on 22.12.2020). So you can have the visa card with 1% cashback for free, I chose to put there 135 eur and have 2% cashback. I don’t trust the site enough to put there 1350 eur for 3% cashback, and I think that they can cancel it anytime. But at the moment, for 135 eur I get free spotify account (9 eurs monthly cost for family account) and 2% cashback on top of that. So I expect, within a few months of heavy card usage, I could get 135 eur worth back. And I should not be losing those 135 eurs, I just can’t move them for 6 months. Sounds like a good offer I should try out. I will report back how I am doing with that card.

As for account verification, it was normal process, scanning a few documents and taking a picture of my face. If you want to do the same for 2% cashback (cashback will be in CRO) on your debit card, here is a referral link with 25$ for you and me. Anyway glad I had time to create an account and try it out, will report my satisfaction as I spend.

Earn interest on your crypto (8.6% on USDC, 6% on BTC, 5% on LTC, …)

I noticed you can get paid interest on your cryptocurrency, and these services are more and more popular. I wanted to try it out on, which is my primary cryptocurrency exchange, but their staking program earns only 0.25% on BTC. I noticed some famous people are using and wanted to find out how that works. I think of it as a form of p2p lending (like mintos for EURs), you lend cryptocurrency for to traders so they have margin for trading and in return you get interest on it. It is pretty common on exchanges, but I have never tried it and would prefer to store my cryptocurrency on hardware wallet. On the other hand, getting 6% yearly just for holding it is quite tempting. These are interest rates per crypto currency:

The biggest concern on these exchanges is security, there were multiple incidents, when crypto exchanges got hacked and cryptocurrency was stolen. I’ve read this security article briefly, but I need to spend more time to understand how that Gemini thing works.

I’ve sent there few LTC coins from kraken exchange, it was swift and it already earns interest. When I understand more how it works, I might put there more. If you register till 29.12.2020 through my link, you should receive $50 (I should get $25). After 29.12 reward for affiliate should be $25. Here is referral link.

This is what I see after 1 day:

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