Mintos – loan repurchase ratio

For the past few years, I had mintos work on autopilot. I had sent there money and let it compound by autoinvest feature. Recently I checked some metrics and found out I have 93% of my p2p portfolio in a single lending company. That shocked me, as I don’t want to keep my eggs in one basket, but diversify. So I adjusted that just a few weeks ago, to diversify my investments among more lending companies. This got me thinking, and I thought seeing how % of defaulted loans could be a good indicator, whether the p2p lending market is surviving corona times just fine or struggles.

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Trying out latest crypto products

I’ve had some time to check famous crypto offerings I have been ignoring for some time. First one is, where you can get 2% card cashback on most payments and second is blockfi, where you can earn 5-8% interest on cryptocurrency. Both of these look amazing, as 8% interest in general is something, when used wisely, can within a decade make you financially independent. I’ll write a bit more about both platforms here, so read on!

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Why I am opening an account with a third stock broker?

Today I opened an account in etoro, which is the third brokerage I use. I started investing on DEGIRO platform, later got annoyed by the 30% tax on dividends, and created an account on trading212, which I am very happy with! But today I created and funded an account with etoro, in this article I will explain why I want to have 3 brokers, maybe even more in the future and why I don’t think that is a bad idea.

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I am selling after owning it for 12 years

It’s time I just don’t put money into domains and websites I no longer have a plan to build and work on. I am starting with an auction on, domain I’ve had for 12 years. A decade ago, I spent a lot of time with pageranks and I was earning a good amount of money on my 100+ website portfolio with high page ranks – good income for a student. I no longer have passion in this area, no plan for that domain, so I am putting it on sale 🙂 Join auction on if you are interested.

Deprecating suggestions on Digrin

I decided I want to deprecate suggestions feature on I looked into data and it was rarely used. Digrin was sending emails to users (I even forgot about that part). I don’t use the feature myself, and I think it can be even dangerous, to have a feature that sounds like “suggestion for stock buys”, which you often need financial licence to do. And this was automated feature. I am removing it now, but wanted to write down for myself how it worked, because I will definitely forget and one day I might find it interesting.

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P2P lending in Mintos

I like it. It’s stable above 10% XIRR. In stocks, I expect to be around 8% XIRR long term, but there can be up and downs -> few years XIRR maybe even negative. But for p2p lending, it should be stable around 10%, with a buyback guarantee! On the other hand, at the moment my XIRR on dividend portfolio is 14.91% and 56.95% on my small growth portfolio (though it’s just temporary on peak now, as all stocks).

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Dividend friendly brokers in Europe

As I mentioned in the previous article, I switched my investing broker from degiro to trading212. Reasons for it were simple, I as a dividend investor was taxed 30% on degiro without an option to sign a W8-BIN form to lower tax, so I moved my new buys to trading212. I am rewarded with 15% tax on dividends and no commissions. As of now I think that was a great move, and if other brokers will start offering a better product for DGI investor, I might switch again (wink at DRIP support). I created a google spreadsheet to keep track of brokers in Europe that are dividend friendly that I will keep updated.

What income percentage do I need to invest to reach financial freedom in 10 years?

Youtube suggested a video to me, I found the title interesting to watch at least the first few minutes, but I ended up watching it all. One fact from the video struck me: “Getting rich enough to retire only takes about 10 years“. I told to myself – this doesn’t make sense. I did the calculation a year back and I got 20-30 years of investing. When I did, I was disappointed and rather stopped with those calculations. Video forced me to recalculate again, whether that fact is bullshit or not.

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