Personal goals for 2022

Goals from 2021 Move back to my home country. I did. I have managed to do it in December, but I did move. Unfortunately, I did not have a lot of luck with finding a flat to live in. Buy a flat or a house in my home country (2022 is ok for this goal)… Continue reading Personal goals for 2022

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To sum up 2021 from‘s (dividend growth investing) point of view, I wanna look at some statistics and share them publicly. I think transparency is great, and until proven otherwise, I’ll do that. I will be sharing traffic, users, paid subscribers, favorite stocks, and others. Let’s start:

How I exploited existing youtube videos with a fake Patreon profile

I am watching a lot of investing videos on youtube recently. I like to watch them while I eat, or they play in the background while I do something else. I assume that even though I don’t pay enough attention, interesting info catches my attention. I noticed there are a lot of great videos, and… Continue reading How I exploited existing youtube videos with a fake Patreon profile

Goals for 2021

I am terrible at personal goals, as I just write them down and get back to it in January next year 😀 well, but still I find it useful to see what I planned and what I achieved. Here I’ll comment on my goals from 2020 and what I’d like to do in 2021. I… Continue reading Goals for 2021

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